Why family scapegoats become lifelong victims.

What she went through is unacceptable! As a fellow aspie I also have through my fair share of abuse. To disinherit anyone because of any reason, especially a disability is pure discrimination and I hope she has it in her to sue her greedy dishonest family and rightfully get money from the family for what they put her through.

Lucky Otters Haven

I just watched a video that really hit home for me.

If you were scapegoated by your family, two things can happen. You can become a narcissist yourself (narcissism being an elaborate defense mechanism to avoid further hurt and abuse) or you will internalize the early message that you’re worthless, defective and have no rights. I’m going to talk about the second scenario because that’s what this video is about and it’s what happened to me.

As a scapegoat, you are trained to live in fear. You become afraid to defend yourself, express your opinions, or demand fair treatment. This attitude of worthlessness, fear and shame is carried into adult life. Other people can immediately sense you are a pushover and a magnet for abuse, rejection, and bullying, and you become a target for abuse by others well into adult life.

You can become a lifelong victim unless you find…

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New York City in 2030

I live in New York City; a lot has changed here in the last 15 years. What was just unthinkable 15 years ago is now a reality, New York City is the pioneering city in the western world for clean and renewable energy. Everywhere I look, I see electric cars. What is so cool is that these electric cars and NYC city buses are charged as they drive via a magnetic strip in the roads powered by solar panels in the roads, which was put in by Utah based company Solar Roadways in 2025. If any signs need to be posted they are put in using the led engraved in the solar panels on the roads, such as speed limit, construction zones. Since the roads heat using solar energy, they melt snow, saving the city $40 million on its annual snow removal budget. In addition, the solar roads have smart-chips embedded in them which allow cars retrofitted with a smart-chip that only costs $1,000 to drive them using the chips in the road which direct where the car should go using GPS and sensors in the roads to space cars and avoid accidents. In 2029, NYC had only 20 car accidents all non fatal, when drivers drove in their neighborhoods and didn’t use the self-driving chip which is mandatory in the city center.
NYC has rooftop gardens on top of nearly every building, residential and commercial alike. In addition to the rooftop gardens which provide cooling in the summer, the buildings are heated by using the solar energy on the roofs, and the city’s electric grid is powered by a vast network of renewables form across the country, leaving NYC with carbon-neutral footprint when it comes to energy generation for the first time in its history since 2027. Due to the rooftop gardens, the city is able to save hundreds of millions of dollars on having to open huge supermarkets and people from all over the USA come to buy produce form only city that procures all of its produce itself.
In nearly every corner there are digital information kiosks that help tourists and new Yorkers alike in all of the five boroughs that direct people to the best restaurants, the most diverse neighborhood, or any place the person is seeking and the distance and time to destination by different modes of transport (including walking).
Bill De Blasio’s plan to put the city’s poor and homeless to work by having them apply for green jobs has led to a near zero homeless and crime rate!
All NYC skyscrapers are now retrofitted with a surface of titanium dioxide to neutralize air pollution in the city, the windows are hydrophilic, (self-cleaning) which eliminated the need for window washers, this plan was part of a groundbreaking plan to eliminate pollution back in 2018. The plan is still ongoing and already the city has the cleanest air it has in recorded history.
NYC has the best education system in the world as nearly 100% of kids graduate high school and is now the only city in the united states that pays students, regardless of G.P.A. and income to go to CUNY colleges for free. If students in college get G.P.A. above 3.5 all college beyond CUNY will be free as well.

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